Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you prescribe medications?
Psychologists are not licensed to prescribe medications in California.  Check with your
insurance company for a list of psychiatrists in your network.

Is psychotherapy confidential?
Generally, yes.  Exceptions to confidentiality include mandatory disclosures regarding
abuse or neglect of children, elderly persons and dependent adults and immediate
danger to self or other(s).  Insurance companies require the disclosure of a diagnosis
and dates of service for payment.
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Doug Jameson, Psy.D.
Psychotherapy & Consultation for Adults
What can I expect?
During the first session, we'll talk about your issues and identify
some initial goals and determine if your problems are likely to be
helped by psychotherapy.  
How often and how long?
Psychotherapy is generally weekly at the beginning and can decrease to
bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your progress.  The total number of
sessions will vary with clients depending on their goals, insurance limitations,
and problem severity.
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